Is there a trial key?
We recommend using our ‘DvlaSearchDemoAccount’ API key for testing and integration with our service. There is no sign up or obligations, this key can be used today! For more details please see our vehicle lookup API documentation.
How quickly will an account be created?
After receiving payment, account information is emailed within 15 minutes. If you don’t hear from us within 30 minutes after payment of an account please contact us at support@dvlasearch.co.uk.
How do I top-up an account?
Top-ups are quick and easy. We accept the following:

PayPal – payment to support@dvlasearch.co.uk
BACS – payment to Sort code: 09-01-28, Account: 12861357
Direct Debit – please contact us to have this setup.

What happens when my account runs out of credit?
When an account comes close to having no credits left, automatic email reminders are sent from our system. We are a customer centric company and apply small buffers to accounts, we don’t apply an immediate hard cut off as soon as you reach your limit.

We understand the pressure and timescales of business and are here to support you keeping the business moving.

Does my account get charged when looking up the same vehicle?
Yes. Each new search represents a credit. As we constantly update our records, each request we receive it used to retrieve the latest information we hold. If our service doesn’t return any vehicle data then the account is not charged.
Do you provide vehicle data in bulk sets?
Absolutely! If you require bulk vehicle data sets we can provide that. For example, should you require the deliver of 100K DVLA, MOT history or tyre sets (or even a combination) in one go then just contact us at support@dvlasearch.co.uk. We have regular clients who request large data sets for quick and deep analysis. You can provide us with the VRMs you need data for or we can deliver a random set of records.
We’re developing our site in WordPress, is there a plugin?
Absolutely! You can find all the details about our plugin on the official WordPress marketplace:

DVLA Search